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Troy Wray

Personal Blog
I'm an Online Entrepreneur and programmer.

I own several sites including


I enjoy helping people succeed in their own business and am always happy to help :-)
Peter Turner

Personal Blog
My name is Peter Turner and I am the admin here at Convert My Ads. I'm married with 4 children and a self employed internet marketing and online business development specialist. My other websites in the IM niche are:
Paul Krufchinski

I am a Professional Internet Marketer providing "REAL DEAL" Business Opportunities and Affiliate Programs that "WORK" to "EARN" You Long Term "SERIOUS INCOME from your Home Based Business Office. Please Check out Just a Few of my Top Programs:


Wealth With JDI

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Ivan Golemdzhiyski

Ad exchange owner, surfer, mailer addict and entrepreneur.
Owner of and

If you just started online, do not have a business, or not sure what to do, it'll be a pleasure for me to speak to you. Contact me at
Daniel Rodgers

Personal Blog
Hello World!

I am on the Internet because I do not want to work for anyone else. Besides the basic reason of others telling me what to do. Which of course I hate - it is the money aspect. I make $100 for them and they pay me $5-basic ratio. If I make them a thousand they give me fifty.

Of course working for one self is a lot harder then working for someone else, but the rewards are so much better and of course there is less STRESS.

I am not sure how I got into this whole computer thing, I guess when it first came out it was so amazing at what it could do, then of course the Internet what a marvel.
Like right now I am communicating with the world on a wireless device - how amazing is that. When computers first came out it would take a whole building to hold the CPU - now you got that whole building in your hand on your phone. Imagine where we can go.

Hence my amazement with this whole industry.
I am in business but I also want to help others. Of course in helping others I may make some money. You want to make money - but you want to deny others the ability to make money - you won't survive here. If you are not honest and forthright and willing to help others you will not survive here. You may make a quick dollar or two but you can't last that way. There are no "Get Rich Quick Schemes" that go the distance. I am here for the long run. My daughter doesn't know it yet - but I hope to have this set up in a way that she will have to go the business route because it will be a sustainable business and not a pipe dream.

Well, that is enough about me - just let me also say I like walks in the park and playing chess -

I am in the process of building up a traffic site:
so join for free - send me a support ticket and get 1,000,000 credits to give it a run - once it is built up I will start selling it.
See plus you can't say no one tried to help you.
Once I have about 200 people in I will edit this and take this down and put it on the market.
I also have another site:
Which I am marketing - take a look at the bonus page. In the OTO there are 3 businesses that people can run for 100% plus the upgrade.
Penny Cannon

Personal Blog
I live in Devon, UK with my husband and two daughters and I've been marketing full-time since 2009.

I am co-owner of Tested and Proven, a downline builder with a difference. All the ad sources featured have been tested for responsiveness and we show you proof that they deliver real results - not high CTR but actual signups and sales.
John Harrison

Personal Blog
Life & Freedom Ministries is an Outreach of Rev. John Harrison. His forefathers helped shape America. Benjamin Harrison signed the Declaration of Independence, William Henry Harrison was our 9th President and Benjamin Harrison was our 23rd President. Now, Rev. Harrison reaches out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Good News of God's Love. Urging people to rise to God's Standards of living to experience the peace and blessings God has for us and our country.

God says in II Chron.7:14, "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land".

Rev. John Harrison is a graduate of Zion Bible Institute,(RI) and Antioch School of Urban Ministry,(NY). and an Ordained Minister through Calvary Center Church,(NY)-where he worked many years as: Church Administrator, Manager of their Christian Bookstore, Staff of Shepherd's Flock their drug/alcohol/prison-Induction Center, Evangelism Leader, and an Elder of the Church.

I reach out with the love of Jesus to the hurting not only spiritually but also financially by offering a home based business.
David Hardy

Personal Blog
My name is David Hardy. After 20 plus years in the residential and commercial contracting trade, I am move to the next phase of my journey. Online Entrepreneur, so much to learn. I am fortunate to have great mentors, and partners.

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Raymond Porter

Personal Blog
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Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk)

Personal Blog

Hi Fellow Marketer,

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk) here.

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Until Next Time, Stay Upbeat and Positive!

Tommie Kirkland (Captkirk)

P.S. Lets Have Some Fun On Our Journey To Success!

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